Truly innovative technology solutions to complex challenges
developed for government and commercial industries

Make your data work for you


Leverage Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced algorithms to organize, track and analyze data to:

  • Continually improve processes
  • Understand and predict behavior and reveal abnormalities
  • Simplify and expedite common processes while increasing employee productivity
Large scale systems and cloud migration


Using software and system architecture, custom software development and cloud migration to:

  • Design and develop elegant software solutions to support your mission
  • Migrate your mission to the cloud AWS/Gov Cloud/C2S
Reduce mission timelines and cost


Streamline tasks and processes by:

  • Performing Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Developing continuous integration and delivery processes and tools for Agile DevOps
  • Creating automated test, build, and deploy processes and tools

Tackling Your Challenges Head-On

By using modern design patterns, modularization, microservices, and translation tools, Seed designs an effective, efficient plan to move your mission system forward.
Through Seed’s discovery process, we use interviews and tools to determine what data you may have and where it’s located, how you may be currently using it, ways you could be using it but aren’t, as well as what can be done more effectively to help you store and use it downstream.
Seed’s team of Agile certified contractors help your mission come in under-budget and before your deadlines by employing Agile development processes, supported by a DevOps pipeline, including continuous integration, automated test, continuous build, and continuous deploy using zero down-time, blue/green deployment.
Through R&D efforts, Seed is pushing the envelope of techniques to understand the information in data to better benefit and enable our clients. We are currently researching applications of human-machine teaming, reinforcement learning, automatic code generation, and applications of CNNs, folding this knowledge into practical application that you can then apply.

Take Your Project to the Next Level

Seed begins with a customer discovery step where we figure out what insight you’re trying to gain within your data. Taking that knowledge, we determine if and where there is data to support that need. If the data is available, we develop a plan to access and normalize the data; then we apply various Machine Learning and algorithms to gain the insight you’re seeking.
Once we understand what your goals are and what you’re trying to accomplish, as well as whether you’re looking for a cloud-based or hybrid solution, we take a look at your current system. Using that information, we come back with a total cost of ownership and migration plan. When developing the migration plan, we work to find the right small-impact low-hanging fruit to start the migration plan and to test and get stake-holder buy-in before executing on the remaining migration plan.
With extensive experience in AWS, Kubernetes and Docker, Seed is able to assist you in developing a containerized, modular architecture and framework that is scalable and extensible based on your goals and needs.


With over 351 combined years of experience as well as certifications in technical areas including Scaled Agile Framework, SCRUM, Security Plus, AWS, and Project Management, we stand ready to bring our skills to your mission.

Discover the Seed Difference

At Seed Innovations, we believe in the principle of getting it done right the first time. To do this, we take a holistic view of the system and the problem, working to quickly find a cost-effective solution. Our engineers have a passion for solving hard technical problems and a desire to continue learning which allows us to develop an innovative solution to your problem.

Discovery Process

Partnering with stakeholders we work to identify your challenges and goals

Gathering Metrics

Gather facts and data so we can understand what the real problem is

Design and Develop Solutions

Assess technologies and apply the right design patterns to drive down risk

Automate and Deploy

Apply proven automated deploy, test, and build tools and processes

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Seed Innovations is always interested in opportunities to help your organization find and develop the right solutions. We look forward to engaging in a conversation about how we can serve your mission.

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